Connecting investors and property owners

(SMART property equity investment platform)
Up to 12% (Total combined return: Yield + Capital growth).
Investment start from 10,000 SR.

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Who is Aqar Invest?

Aqar Invest is a Saudi company under trading name of Resources development Co. for Real Estate Services, which is registered by the ministry of trade (No. 4030412049).
Aqar Invest platform is an equity base real estate marketplace that allows you to buy an equity shares of residential or commercial property collectively with other investors starting from 10,000 SR across KSA real estate markets and earn profit from rent and capital growth combined.
Aqar Invest is a member of the American Real Estate association REALTORS.

How to get started on our crowdfunding platform

  • Register

    To get started, you have to pass the verification process and get approved

  • Choose your property

    Once approved, you can choose the property you want to invest in.

  • Return on Investment

    When the campaign hits its funding goal, you can expect returns as stated in the offering

Available Properties In Aqar Invest

- All Properties (Residential & Commercial)
- Primary Market
- Secondary Market
- The real estate offered for investment on the platform that the investor exited from after the 5-year exit cycle ends


Top reasons to work with us

  • Accessibility

    You can invest with as little as 10,000 SR. Regardless.

  • Reliable projects

    We carefully select every property because your success is our success.

  • Rewarding returns

    You can expect potential returns of 6-12% a year plus capital gain.

  • No property management hassle

    We allows investors to focus on building a real estate portfolio without worrying about property management.

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The most frequently asked questions

More information about the platform, investing, fundraising, transactions, risks, and rewards.

  • What is the minimum and maximum amount I can invest?
    The minimum investment amount set in Aqar Invest equals to 10,000 SR. The maximum is 19% of the property value.
  • What kind of investment risks do I have?
    All investments are subject to risks and real-estate is not an exception. We recommend you diversify your Aqar Invest investment portfolio across multiple properties, property types to protect you from market fluctuations and other issues, which could appear during the long term investment horizon, as property prices and rental fees depend on various economic situations.
  • When do I know that I’m verified?
    Once the Aqar Invest Team has verified your profile, we will send you a notification email regarding successful verification. You can also see it on the website under the ‘Profile’ page.
  • When do I start getting rental income?
    You will start receiving rental income after the first month once the property is purchased.
  • What is special purpose vehicle (SPV)?
    It is not practical for many people to be listed on a KSA land registry deed, as such each property listed on Aqar Invest is owned by a special purpose vehicle (“SPV”), which is a KSA Limited Liability Company, in which you can acquire a beneficial interest in shares. There is a different SPV for each and every property; therefore, you will always know that you are investing in a specific property chosen by you. The reason why Aqar Invest is using SPV company for its deal structure:
    • management of the property expenses
    • keep each investment separate
    • minimize the risks
    • transparency
    All properties are kept separately under different SPV companies and if something happens with Aqar Invest, the properties and the investments of our users will not be affected.
  • How do I earn?
    There are 2 ways your investment is working for you and both are happening at the same time:
    1.You get an instant income from the cash flow the property is generating, which is being regularly transferred to your account.
    2.You benefit from the increase of the value of the property. You get this money right after you sell your shares.