Property crowdfunding is a type of property investment that enables investors to earn returns from property by contributing a fraction of the total amount of the investment.

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It works by raising capital from a large number of people, which is used to buy or invest in a property.
Each investor then proportionately earns their share of the returns: either rental income and potential capital growth when investing in property equity.

What are the benefits of property crowdfunding?

  1. Opens up a number of meaningful benefits

    Choosing to invest in property through crowdfunding opens up a number of meaningful benefits.

  2. Diversify whilst accessing a number of asset class

    The ease at which you can diversify whilst accessing a number of asset class, the expertise of our property team, as well as the buying power of the crowd that opens up opportunities to more investors.

  3. Change the way people can sell their investments

    Aqar Invest changes the way people can sell their investments, making a previously illiquid asset class much more liquid.

How does crowdfunding work with Aqar Invest?

- At Aqar Invest, you can invest via property crowdfunding by buying equity shares in properties.

- Each investment goes through a thorough due diligence and assessment process before being offered to investors on platform. Once offered, investors choose how much to invest and when fully funded we take care of purchasing the property and management.

- On Aqar Invest resale market, investors can offer part or all of their share in a property for sale to other investors at any time, to help assist buying and selling decisions on the market, we provide regular revaluations of each property from an independent approved surveyor.

2 ways to invest with Aqar Invest

  • Build your own

    Our expert property team review many investment opportunities each month and bring the very best to our platform. As well as these new listings, you can choose from many investments across multiple asset classes on our resale Market, and build the portfolio you want.

  • Premium Services

    If you’re looking for a more bespoke service, and have over 500,000 SR to invest, you can benefit from our Premium Investment Plans. Our investment team will work with you to create a portfolio that’s tailored to your individual investment goals and needs.