How It works?

Aqar Invest platform allows investors to focus on building a real estate portfolio without worrying about property management. The property management team takes care of operational responsibilities like collecting rent, handling vacancies, repairs and other day to day property management.

Aqar Invest team

Aqar Invest team provide complete analysis of every offered property before funding goes live on our platform in terms of Security, Profitability, Future Potential and Liquidity. This team consists of property experts with investment, development and property management backgrounds.
We do full due diligence on the property, valuations, plans, estimates and close any necessary legal agreements.

The Founder's Message

- Aqar Invest allows you to diversify your investment across properties you choose so you can take your view on where and when to invest with as much or as little as you want. You also have the ability to offer your investment for sale whenever you want value.
- We will built a passionate and engaged community of investors who use our liquid secondary market where properties can be bought and sold.
- Together, we take the hassle out of buying and renting property.

Services We Provide

  • Finding properties

    Through the continuous search for the best suitable properties for investment

  • Negotiate the deal

    Then complete paperwork, and follow up with lawyers

  • Finding and taking care of tenants

    With following up the maintenance and repairs

  • Revaluations

    and then sell.

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